i don’t normally drink a lot of soda, but any time i’m offered a complimentary in-flight beverage, i always choose ginger ale. well, not always. sometimes i pick tomato juice, but usually, it’s ginger ale. that’s why i’m so surprised that i never noticed how amazing the segram’s crest was until my most recent flight home from altoona.

integrity, craftsmanship, tradition. yes, indeed.





just got back from a weeklong visit to central pa. it was hot and humid and i loved every second of it. i ate a peach that tasted like it came from a different plane of existance. bi-color corn on the cob. jersey tomatoes. yes.

i didn’t do much drawing because i was pretty busy baking cakes, murdering lobsters, drinking yuengling, taking night walks, hanging out with my dad at the mooseclub, sitting on porches, and petting the cat. BUT. i did draw some pretty flowers that my mom brought in from her garden (they’re called balloon flowers) as well as the label from the black currant jam we used at breakfast and some random railroad logos observed at “the world famous horseshoe curve.” all in one spread for your viewing convenience!

altoona pa

luck of the draw


sometimes when you read this blog you get a nice drawing of a goldfish, and sometimes you get this kind of shit:building a family unit

self love


i feel like i’m putting stuff all over the internet these days, so i finally signed up for a behance network profile. it’s a place where illustrators and designers can host their portfolios, and i follow their featured feed; it’s better than the stuff on deviantart, but still has a lot of people who aren’t, uh, discovered or whatever.

i think a lot about whether obsessively looking at imagery on the internet helps me or hurts me when it comes to actually working on my own stuff, but in the end the amount i produce (along with how absorbed i am in the internet, or how much i’m reading, or how much jameson i’m consuming, or how many times i listen to waterloo sunset in a row) runs on an inexplicable cycle that i’m better off not thinking too much about. so, behance network; now it can suck up my time from both ends of the spectrum!

here’s a self-portrait i did for my profile pic over there…

laura balchi did it in my sketchbook, and i’ll probably color it by hand eventually, but those behance folks get a janky photoshop job; it’s only 141 pixels anyway people!

oh and ps., i’m super stoked to report that i actually won that black cock album cover contest!? unexpected, to say the least, but you don’t look a $500-giving horse in the mouth :)

view from maxfields


maxfields sf view

new and improved: bike basket


this year for my birthday, sean got me a sweet bike. it’s white with rainbow stripes and it’s a peugeot and it’s a girl bike, so basically it’s perfect. it even had a spot for a bike basket in back, so last weekend when we went shopping for helmets and bike lights and other, i had my eyes open for the perfect basket: big enough to hold my purse plus a bag of groceries and very awesome.

unfortunately, all of the bike baskets at the bike shop were terrible. way too extreme sports for my whimisical ride. so i stopped by thrift town later in the evening and picked up this beauty for two bucks, with a mind to make it over into something appropriate.

bike basket beforeand i ended up with this; hastily done (as usual) because the fog rolled in and i was worried about the effect of the humidity on the spraypaint, but i’m pretty happy with how it came out! i’m also working on another bike-related project, but that one will have to wait for another basket afterbike basket peugeot

first dress of summer


i’ve been getting back into sewing my own clothes lately; a skirt here and there, mostly. but summer is the time for dresses, and since in sf the weather only allows for bare arms and legs about 3 days out of the year, you have to act fast. so here’s my hastily put together first dress of summer 2009. many more to come, i hope…

the skirt is made from fabric jackie and ian brought back from vietnam

the skirt is made from fabric jackie and ian brought back from vietnam

a detail of the lace front

a detail of the lace front



i think i’m finally finished with my drawing for the black cock cd release party/art opening. i’ve been wringing my hands over whether or not to put a dark cloud in the considerable swath of white space above the drawing, but i kind of like the emptiness, so i think i’m going to leave it as is.

black cock

this is microns, watercolor, enamel, and acrylic ink on watercolor paper. i wish the gold enamel and the shimmer in theĀ  black feathers came through better in the scan, but if you want the full glitter factor, you’ll have to go see it in person at the party. don’t forget to rsvp if you live in austin!

majestic cock

red micron in record sketchbook

red micron in record sketchbook

learning to draw roosters for a project with a swiftly approaching deadline…

ann wood horses


i’m normally not an advocate of curating the internet, but i figure everyone already knows how rad ann wood is anyway, so it couldn’t do any harm to mention the fact that she recently posted a how-to for making these super whimsical horses with a complementary pdf of the patterns she used.

ann woods tiny horses stampede across her apartment wall

ann wood's tiny horses stampede across a gallery wall

i’ve been unduely stressed lately about my own projects, and the idea of mindlessly cutting out paper and winding up with something beautiful that someone else had already painstakingly designed seemed like a pretty great plan. i had a bunch of paint chips lying around the house, so i used ann’s smallest template on a few of those and ended up with these guys.

paint chip horses made with ann wood's free pattern

paint chip horses made with ann wood's free pattern